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Spring is a great time to cleanse your body! At Anew Life Yoga, we will be hosting a 21 Day Spring Cleanse Challenge from April 8-28, to help reverse the stagnation from the winter months and restore vitality in the body. This cleanse will be centered on simplifying eating habits and adding supportive lifestyle practices. You don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan to participate, animal protein options will be provided. We will be using doTERRA products to support the cleanse and stay on track. The goal is to create balance and eliminate toxins, strengthen the digestive system, and restore the body’s natural intelligence. Losing weight is not a goal, but some people might lose weight during the process.

An in-person orientation session will be held on February  24 from 4-5 pm to talk about the cleanse, the products we will be using and their benefits. There is no cost to participate in the orientation or the cleanse, you will only need to purchase the recommended supplements.

Participants will be part of a Facebook Closed Group were we will be sharing information, recipes, answering questions and supporting you throughout the process.

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Anew Life Yoga is Now offering Acro and Aerial Yoga!

Acro Yoga is a physical practice which combines yoga and acrobatics. Acro Yoga provides physical and mental health benefits. In addition to the exercise and strength building aspects of Acro Yoga the partner balancing can improve concentration and the massage elements can provide stress relief.  Acro Yoga bursts the bubble of solitary practice requiring interaction, cooperation and trust. This practice has created a safe way for community members to play and support each other in an increasingly cyber-based world. 

Aerial yoga is a type of yoga which uses silks, also known as hammocks, to allow students the capability to access all yoga poses. Aerial yoga is beneficial for students who spend a long time sitting, or who would like some assistance with their backbends, because it has a decompressing effect on the body.  You don't need to be an acrobat to learn and love aerial, or antigravity, workouts.  If you struggle with motion sickness, try this anyway, but let the instructor know, and they will modify the postures throughout class.


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Something lost. A part of yourself perhaps. That which you seek, inside you will find.
— Yoda

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