Amy Guinn


Yoga popped into my life when I needed it most.  I was going through a transitional period and it really saved me and brought a renewed sense of being.  Traveling to Vietnam at a very young age to meet my family opened my eyes to what the world is, in my own perspective and to connect with my own spirituality.  I try to instill that thought process in my students.  To choose their own path as it is theirs alone, no matter how rough the road is.  Yoga is a means to attain freedom and stretches far beyond the asana practice.  My focus is on breath and linking it to our movements.  Bringing emphasis to our breath allows us to connect on a much deeper level.  I thank my teachers here and in India, my students that help me evolve every day and teach me more than I can teach them, and most of all my awesome family and my amazing little yogi Amelia Mala bean, who shows me what pure happiness and love is every day.  Much love