Kathi Bedard

Kathi Bedard has worked in the field of behavioral health as a clinician, administrator, trainer, program developer and change agent since 1972, most recently being the Trauma specialist for New Jersey’s behavioral healthcare system.  During the 9/11 attacks, she was assigned as a key staff member in New Jersey's response, and wrote a book about her extraordinary team of clinicians: "Stones In My Heart Forever 9-11: A Journey Through Courage, Strength and Hope." 

In 2013, Kathi published her second book:  “Escape From the Land of the Hungry Ghosts”  - a fusion of behavioral health theory and treatment, eastern arts, meditation, 12 step program, and spirituality to provide hope, compassion and healing for those with stress and chaos in their lives.

Kathi has extensive training and experience in Eastern Arts:

·       Instructor of Hindu Yoga and meditation since 1969.  Kathi is a member of the International Meditation Teachers Alliance.

·       Training and teaching Tai Chi and 7 Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu since 1987.

·       In 1984, received Master’s Level Certification in Usui Reiki, being five removed from Mikao Usui in lineage. She provides traditional Usui Reiki treatments, instruction, and initiations to Masters Level and holds membership in the International Association of Reiki Professionals. 

·       She developed an innovative system of teaching yoga, meditation, stress management and energy work to dogs and their humans, called Pawsitive Energy in 1990.

·       Trainer in trauma sensitive yoga instruction, and self care/compassion fatigue for yoga instructors.

·       Certified Yoga4Sobriety Instructor.

·       Certified Vata Asana beginner and intermediate instructor.